Home Accessory Package

We have grouped the Home Accessories in a bundle so that you can take advantage of additional savings! Please click on SAVE.

Single Handle -traditional accessories where your wrists are exposed to a stagnant position -Orbital Rotation single handle allows you to choose the most comfortable position that suits you and doing so will provide less strain and pain.
Triangle small Grip -traditional accessories are set to only one position -Orbital Rotation Triangle small grip allows for multiple positions as well as using different positions for each hand simultaneously.
Lat machine grip -traditional lat machine bar locks you to only one position -orbital rotation lat machine grip allows you to rotate your hand to a more comfortable position to work only the targeted muscles
60 inch Bar -traditional bar allows one exercise at a time.. -orbital rotation 60 inch bar allows you to go from a deadlift to an arm curl to an overhead press without ever putting down the bar.
Tricep/Bicep Small Grip 11″ -traditional accessories only allows straight or slightly curved bars which in the long run will cause strain and pain in the wrist and joints -Orbital Rotation tricep/bicep allows you to choose the most comfortable angle to minimize strain and pain.