Studio OrbitGym

Coming soon!!!

The Covid-19 Pandemia will revolutionize the way we train with the avoidance of doing so with larger crowds.

We believe that Covid-19 was a lesson to us all in that pandemics are very likely to occur again in the future in view of the fact that our world is now much connected be it at a virtual or physical state.

Our new studio concept will give us a comfort zone in which to train with the ease and peace of mind.  Our idea of building  smaller studios in conference and reception hall venues will drastically reduce the real estate cost in that we will be operating in those time schedules( Mondays to Thursdays 6:00 a.m./10:00 p.m. Fridays 10:00 a.m./noon)

where nothing much is happening with the event or conference planner and their potential to generate the extra variable revenue from our studio.

We are pleased and proud to announce that our first studio is up and operating in the OLFA Banquet and Conference facility located at 2953 Belanger Street, Montreal.

We are now looking for personal trainers that can use our facility to train their clients.

Our facility is fully automated with security cameras and remote door access,

  • available through appointments only and by the hour
  • cleaned and sanitized daily which complies to Covid-19 standards
  • maximum of 6 people per hour excluding the trainer
  • perfect for one on one training

Please contact me for more info.

Thank you

Sal Caputo
National Director of Sales & Marketing
Orbital Rotation Accessory International Inc.