About Us

About Us

It had become evident to us that regardless of new equipment and changes over the years the one element that had never evolved was the methodology involved in hand movement during each exercise. We always felt that there were vast improvements that could be made at this level. We began to study the potential changes that could be made to these static technologies, from which stemmed a vision to create the ultimate in equipment accessories, the Orbital Rotation Gym Fitness Cable Accessories.

The revolutionary devices we had developed can be used at home with or without strength cables and with most typical gym apparatus (weight training equipment). They provide maneuvering of hand positions, benefiting the wrist and elbow, all the while engaging additional muscles.

A simple change in the hand position can create a focus on specific muscle groups in doing what would seem to be the same exercise.

Now with Orbital Rotation Accessory International Inc. accessories, you will be able to focus on different muscle groups through the simple change in hand position.

Great news for everyday home fitness,  and trainers! Orbital Rotation International Inc. is pleased to inform you that we have completed eight months of testing on our accessories with the University of Montreal.
They concluded that our product is preferred 9 out of 10 times by novice users.

Orbital Rotation International Inc. offers the following features that can benefit you tremendously. :

1) comfortable use with no restriction;
2) allows to alternate by rotating for the right position each time every time.

As far as your loyalty members and advanced members are concerned, Orbital Rotation’s accessories also offer the following features;

1) less strain on your joints which has a huge impact for those that had previously trained with the traditional accessories;
2) quick recovery while still being able to train when recovering from an injury by using different rotational positions;
3) be able to do exercises you are not able to with traditional accessories because of flex limitations.

The ease of use and the comfort that your movement will always be done correctly with Orbital Rotation accessories make them unique in its conception.
Our range of motion is superior to any other accessory on the market today without jeopardizing muscle activation and muscle fatigue.
So therefore for those beneficial features that are mentioned above our accessories will definitely help with your everyday goals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a more effective way of training in order to obtain maximum results that will revolutionize the fitness world.